Integrative Medicine Consult

Integrative Medicine consults can function as part of your routine healthcare plan as a tool to regularly check-in with your goals and help manage your concerns. Recommendations and frequency of follow-up care are unique to each patient's needs.

What is an Integrative Medicine consult?

An Integrative Medicine consult can be a step on the path to helping you realize many health and wellness goals. During your visit with one of our specialty providers, we will address your unique needs for personal and individualized care, as well as traditional and complimentary care options for your health concerns.

What are the benefits of an Integrative Medicine consult?

These visits provide quality one-on-one time with your provider, where you can work together to meet your health goals holistically. Your provider will help nurture and guide you to the best care strategies for your specific concerns.

What conditions can be effectively helped by an Integrative Medicine consult?

Integrative Medicine consults can be helpful to address many health and wellness goals, including stress patterns, sleep issues, chronic disease, digestive health and pain management.

What can I expect during an Integrative Medicine consult?

At your consultation, we will assess and address the whole person, looking not just at the symptoms that brought you here, but also at the entire picture of your health history, present concerns, and goals for creating and implementing a strategy of wellness. Our providers will use the evidenced-based options tailored specifically for you, including lifestyle and nutrition concepts and recommendations, stress reduction techniques, and acupressure.

Who can participate in consultations with Integrative Medicine at UK HealthCare?

UK HealthCare patients, family members and staff can take advantage of the services we provide. Integrative Medicine consults are a viable treatment option for anyone interested. Should you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your physician and contact our providers to find out if a consult is right for you.

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At UK HealthCare, our Integrative Medicine staff is highly skilled and specially trained to care for those with illness or injury. They can adapt their techniques and suggest complementary therapies to best meet your health needs. In addition, our offices are located on-site at UK Markey Cancer Center, so patients, family members and staff have easy access to our services.

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